Episode 3: The perfection of imperfection

Why are we afraid of failing? Why are we afraid of trying new things when we grow up? Isn’t the imperfect perfect? That’s what we will talk about in this third Episode of Yoga on the Sofa Podcast; The perfection of imperfection.

Our Podcast is far from perfect. The first Episode hadn’t great audio, the second one was too long. But, every time we improve. Every time we learn new things and by doing so, we make a better and better Podcast for you guys, we hope.

But for some reason a lot of people fear new things. They fear them so much, they don’t even try. Outside of their yoga mat, but also on their yoga mat. So, that’s what we’ll talk about in this episode.

Also in this episode

  • the Tea label of the week
  • A new item: the asana and its story
  • The Question of the week; what yoga to do when you’re sick or just recovered
  • Sara’s Weekend tip: Kurzgesagt
  • A guided meditation by Sara
  • Fountain of Peace, a new song of the new album of Fred Westra; Harmonics from the Void

This Episode is made possible by our sponsor ReYoga, the environmental friendly brand for yoga mats and yoga props.

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